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Together with Mark Tunzi

Wether it’s about a buying- or selling realtor, there is a difference between what people expect and what a real estate agency offers. For the majority of people that are buying or selling a house they are taking a giant step with a lot of uncertainties. The real estate agency and their realtors are responsible for the representation of both buyers and sellers. They need to be capable to adapt themselves to an age where people look further than bricks.

By doing various brainstorm sessions with our new friends, we found out that the younger families are the most interesting group. This group (as long as the family is positive about the real estate agency) could grow along with them. A realtor could provide them with various market information and guide them through their future.

We concluded that the measurable goal should be “timeframe x target audience x location”. So our common goal would be “Within five years Hooft & Mooij needs to be the best real estate agency for younger families that want to live in Hillegersberg (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)


We’ve done various strategy- and brainstorm sessions to conduct all the core values. We used the final results and ideas to start a fresh customer journey. They we’re eventually divided into two different journeys; the buying- and selling realtor, but had both the purpose to map all the opportunities and direct touch points with the client.

We believe that going through a user journey is quite a unique proces. A lesson that we’ve learned is that you don’t need to underestimate the knowledge of the client and their users. We had to find an approach to make sure that when we were done, we had the correct data. Therefore our goal was to get to know the thoughts of our client when they are going into for instance a selling-journey. We made these thoughts practical, tested them in user cases and reflected them on our client. This was the only way for us to improve our clients process that is based on more than 15 years of experience.

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A strong brand identity is essential if you want to succeed and stand out in one of the most competitive markets in the Netherlands. You need to be unique, have a real personality, and above all show your core values.

We tried to accomplish this by designing a brand identity that stands out “now”, but will also be durable towards the future.